Can a mask help prevent Your exposure to the corona virus?

<br /> ISOAE.COM - As the outbreak of cases of corona virus during the recent time, masks became one of the objects considered by most people because it is considered can prevent someone exposed to the virus.<br /> <br /> In Hong Kong, a mask is used the doctor in the operating procedures even

Common mistake when brushing teeth

<br /> ISOAE.COM - Brushing your teeth regularly can be one way to maintain the health of teeth and gums. However, there are some people who make mistakes while doing so. What is the course?<br /> <br /> 1.

Did garlic can treat the cororan infection?

<br /> ISOAE.COM - A chain message circulating through the app the WhatsApp conversations about the garlic that is claimed to be able to treat the infection with corona virus.<br /> <br /> The message that circulates is also quite diverse, among others, as follows:<br /> <br /> "This garlic is great take 8 seeds, peeled put

Use a cutting board and a knife to help avoid corona virus risk

<br /> ISOAE.COM - Applying food safety can help reduce the risk of spreading viruses, including the corona virus, which originated from Wuhan, China until now no vaccine preventions.<br /> <br /> Food security is one of the ways to reduce the risk of the spread of the disease, as quoted from the official

How to: Avoid the risk of corona virus

<br /> ISOAE.COM - corona Virus which originated from Wuhan, China can be spread between people through coughing, sneezing up the food exposed to the saliva of the patients with the virus.<br /> <br /> The World Health Organization (WHO) in the official page provide recommendations to the community to reduce the risk of

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