English-Indonesia Cooperation To Ensure The Availability Of Vaccines Covid-19


JAKARTA – British Ambassador to Indonesia, Owen Jenkins said, global cooperation is needed in the development and availability of vaccines Covid-19. English, he explained, will cooperate with Indonesia in the availability of affordable vaccines.

“To fight Corona virus, we should cooperate, not compete. Times of global challenges unprecedented it demands creativity, collaboration, and kindness from all of us,” said Jenkins.

“Indonesia and the Uk unite and cooperate in the multilateral system towards the availability of affordable vaccines,” he added in a press release the British Embassy received Us on Tuesday (5/5/2020).

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Earlier, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson in the conference with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, saudi Arabia and the European Commission confirm the promise of the Uk for funding amounted to 388 million Pounds for vaccine research, tests and treatments Covid-19.

“To win the battle against Covid-19, we must work together to build a strong shield to protect our society and it can only be achieved by developing and producing the vaccine in bulk,” said Johnson.

“The more we get together and share expertise, the more quickly scientists we will be successful. Efforts to find a vaccine to beat the virus this is not a competition between countries, but joint efforts are most urgent in our lives. This is a humanitarian action against a virus, we fight together, together we will win!” he said.


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