Jelly Gamat


For what Jelly Gamat?

Jelly Gamat is a herbal remedy to accelerate wound healing, relieve joint pain, nourish the skin, lowers high cholesterol and high blood pressure, improving liver damage (liver) and heart, relieve indigestion, and so forth.

Jelly Gamat is made from the extract of sea cucumber or better known as sea cucumbers. Sea cucumber is a marine animal that looks like a caterpillar or a worm, has a fairly large size, and soft textured. These marine animals can be found in the wild at the base of the shallow sea or farmed in artificial ponds to be processed into comestible.

The abundance of nutrients both in the cucumbers, making Jelly Gamat believed to have various health benefits. Unfortunately, research about Jelly Gamat is still limited. Required more research to ensure the benefits and safety of herbal medicine on this one.

If You want to use Jelly Gamat, be sure to consult first to the doctor. Especially if You have certain medical conditions.

Not all herbal products available in the market registered in the authority. Therefore, make sure the herbal products You buy are already officially registered.

How does it work?

There is not enough research about how the workings of this herbal supplement. Discuss with an herbalist or Your doctor for more information.


The information provided below is not a meant for medical recommendations. Always consult with herbalist or Your doctor before taking decission.

How dose Jelly Gamat for adults?

A dose of Jelly Gamat is 2 times a day 2-3 tablespoons, taken after meals.

How much is the usual dose used for Jelly Gamat for children?

  • For infants at least 2 months, the dose is 2 times a day ½ teaspoon, consumed after a meal.
  • For children, the dosage is 2 times a day 1-2 teaspoons, consumed after a meal.

Dose of herbal plants can be different in each patient. The dose You need depends on the age, health, and several other conditions. Herbal plants not always safe to be consumed. Discuss with an herbalist or doctor for the dosage that is suitable for You.

In any form of Jelly Gamat available?

The form and dosage jelly gamat is the liquid in the bottle.

Side Effects

What are the side effects Jelly gGamat?

Some of the side effects Jelly Gamat most common are:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Digestive disorders

Not all people experience such side effects. Maybe there are other side effects not listed above. If You have concerns about specific side effects, please consult with an herbalist or Your doctor.


What should I know before taking Jelly Gamat?

Some things You should know before taking this herbal supplement are:

  • Store the product in a cool, dry, away from heat and damp.
  • Avoid taking herbai this if You have an allergy to seafood, such as sea cucumbers, shrimp, crab, mussels, or even fish.
  • Avoid this drug if You are taking any of the drug retailers blood. This is because, the content of sea cucumbers in medicine this contains substances anticoagulants that should be avoided if You are taking medication kind of aspirin or warfarin.
  • Always consult to the doctor before You take any medication, including herbs, supplements, and vitamins.

Regulations governing the use of herbal plants is not as strict as the regulation of drugs. More research is needed to determine its safety. Before using, make sure the benefits of the use of herbal plants is greater than the risk. Consult with an herbalist or physician for more information.

How safe is jelly gamat?

There is currently no scientific data about the use of this plant in the pregnant and lactating women. Therefore, do not use this product without medical advice if You are pregnant or breastfeeding. People who are sensitive to these herbs also should not use it.


Interactions such as what might occur when I consume Jelly Gamat?

This herb can interact with other treatments or with health conditions that You have. Consult with an herbalist or doctor before using this drug

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