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Cheaper than Ordinary Eggs, is it Safe to Consume Eggs Infertile?

Eggs infertile often sold in the market. Because the price per one kilo is priced at a bargain price, no wonder if many people who buy eggs are infertile as a substitute for the usual eggs cheaper. However, if the eggs of this type are safe to eat?

What was the egg infertile?

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There might still be some people who think that all eggs produced, including the commonly consumed can grow into chicks. In fact, chicken eggs also consist of several different types.

Depending on its function, the chicken farm is divided into two, namely the chicken farm producing eggs for consumption and breeding chickens to be bred in order to produce meat.

Please be aware, hens can still produce eggs even without a rooster. Therefore, the chickens were collected at farm focuses on the production of eggs not merged his place with the roosters. Eggs produced from the chickens on the farm this is the egg consumption.

Another with the chicken-chicken that lived at the farm for meat production. On this farm, hens live with a rooster so fertilization can occur. Eggs produced by the hens is referred to as the egg will sprout.

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When the eggs sprout successfully hatch into chicks, means the egg is the egg fertil. Whereas, if the egg does not undergo changes even has dieramkan, then this egg is the egg infertile.

Eggs infertile are also often considered as a waste product or products unused from cattle breeding chicken.

Of course, the eggs we eat are infertile have physical differences. The shells of the eggs of infertile colored is pale and weighs lighter than egg consumption.

Is it safe to eat eggs infertile?

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The egg is still one of the sources of protein consumed in Indonesia because the price is more affordable than the price of meat.

Quoted from the Data Center and Information System of Agriculture, consumption of chicken eggs in Indonesia has increased with an average gain of 3.75% per year since 1987 till 2015.

Now, the egg is infertile which has long been circulating crowded again purchased by the public. In fact, sales have been banned and even stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 32 Year 2017. However, in a number of stalls still sell such eggs to be eaten.

The cheaper price be the main reason for the distribution of such eggs. The issue next is whether the egg type is completely safe for consumption or not.

Actually, there is no difference in nutritional content between the eggs of infertile eggs and the other. The only difference is the presence or absence of sperm that is contained in the egg. Eggs infertile is actually also safe and may be consumed.

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However, this egg can only survive up to a week, in contrast with the usual eggs that survived to 30 days at room temperature.

Passing from that, eggs are decayed and unfit for consumption. The eggs are already rotten having a contamination of salmonella bacteria that can cause the disease salmonellosis.

Salmonellosis is a disease from the bacteria that attack the gastrointestinal tract. The symptoms are commonly characterized by diarrhea, cramps in stomach, dizziness, vomiting, and fever.

Although it can be cured in a few days, diarrhea due to salmonella can lead to complications of dehydration that will require special handling.

Therefore, we recommend the consumption of egg races are indeed manufactured for the purpose of food day-to-day. Regardless of the type of the egg, also make sure the eggs You consume is still in good condition.

To find out, You could put an egg in a glass of water. If the egg still sinks, most likely eggs are still fresh. Different if the eggs float, and when solved issue smells unusual, don’t eat and immediately set aside.

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