Samsung change the marketing strategy, browse through the “gaming” this year

ISOAE.COM – Samsung Electronics Indonesia change the strategy of their marketing campaigns in 2020, with venturing into the arena of mobile gaming after the previous one is exploring about the camera.

Samsung Electronics Indonesia Marketing Strategy Irfan Rinaldi justify changes in their marketing strategy this year, no longer is focused around the camera.

“2019, (marketing strategy) we focus to the creation of content such as video. The end of 2019 starting the expansion,” Irfan said during a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

Marketing Samsung this year to target the branding of the Galaxy series A to answer a variety of needs through a mobile phone, such as create content, play games and design the phone body itself.

Partnership with the President’s Cup Esports 2020 is one of the focus of Samsung to introduce its products in the realm of gaming.

“eSports is one of the things that are famous among young people in Indonesia,” said Irfan.

Two models of the series Galaxy A, i.e. Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A71, going to be the device’s official used the athletes who competed in the tournament Cup of the President of the Esports 2020 in ICE BSD on 1-2 February.

The chairman of the Committee of the President Cup Esports 2020, Giring Ganesha, is encountered in the same event, said the athletes are already testing the Samsung phones to be used in the grand final next February. (

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